Acid Reflux Disease Natural Cures & Treatment

The Acid Reflux and Antacid Myth
When you get old your system produces less stomach acid.
This causes the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) to open
which in turn will give you the dreaded heartburn sensation.
Don't take the doctor prescribed or other commonly available
antacids, instead use supplements which bring your stomach
acid up to normal. That's right, normal (even high) stomach
acid concentrations will keep your LES shut and prevent
the undigested food stuff from coming up in your throat.
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Diagnosis & Treatment of Serious Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux may be Serious but can be Treated. Most are not
aware that the Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease can lead
to potentially more serious medical problems.

Develop your Own Acid Reflux Disease Diet
Acid Reflux Disease Diet with friendly foods & drinks and
those to avoid. Simple Acid Reflux Remedies may prevent
development of more serious chronic conditions.

Hereditary Aspect of Acid Reflux Disease
Development of Acid Reflux Disease largely dependent on
your Genes. In the western world one in five people suffers
with Acid Reflux Symptoms.

Natural Ways to Deal With Acid Reflux
Acid reflux is more than occasional heartburn or indigestion.
Some people with acid reflux never even experience heartburn.
Article with many useful & effective suggestions.

(  -  Rudy Silva)
Acid Reflux & Heartburn - Natural Approach
This will give you relief from acid reflux. But more importantly
add a salad to your diet everyday and you will
have less acid reflux in your life.

(Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac., of Chinese Medicine Works)
Chinese Approach to Heartburn & Acid Reflux
Herbal formulae available at Chinese herbal apothecaries
strengthen the stomach, restore normal function and
alleviate heartburn & acid reflux symptoms


Heartburn is a part of history. From the ancient Egyptians to former U.S. presidents, the burn has been felt for centuries. Currently, more than 60 million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month. For some, the remedy is as easy as a change in diet, like avoiding spicy foods, or taking an antacid. For others, however, heartburn and regurgitation are persistent, chronic symptoms that return several times a week, if not every day. For these individuals, acid reflux disease, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), may be at the heart of their burn. Persistent heartburn occurring two or more days per week, despite dietary changes and treatment with various over-the-counter medications, is the most common symptom of GERD. It is a chronic condition that affects some 21 million Americans. Acid Reflux disease (or GERD) is a very serious condition and should not be taken lightly.

The esophagus has gotten much media attention lately with the introduction of such terms as GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) and medications like Nexium, "the purple pill." We've always known about this condition; we've just called it "heartburn," and before Nexium we treated our heartburn with the likes of Tums and Rolaids. This was an innocent condition treated with over the counter ant-acids. We now know better. If left untreated or under treated, this not so innocuous "heartburn" can cause erosion of the walls of the esophagus called Barrett's Disease, which sets up the perfect environment for esophageal cancer.

Historical Development of Corrective Procedures to the Esophagus:
The earliest esophageal procedures were limited to the cervical region (removal of foreign bodies-1863)
Modified ureteroscope used to diagnose carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus-1868
Esophagoscopy with distal light source developed around 1900
Flexible fiber-optic esophagoscopy-1964

Asthma, allergies and GERD are conditions that appear to be both increasing in incidence and severity in many Western countries. The high standard of living in the early twenty-first century has been bought at an enormous price and it is quite apparent that the development of asthma, allergies and GERD can be linked to unhealthy diet, environmental factors and stressful lifestyles. Concerning GERD a new study has shown that overweight people have six more times the chance of developing this illness. All these disturbing statistics indicate the extent to which such health problems have come to represent one of the most challenging side effects of our technological advance and lifestyle modifications. One might well ask how it is possible that a civilization that has the skills and technology to place a man on the moon, and bring him back to earth from there, cannot find a satisfactory cure to such basic malfunctioning in our bodily systems and the serious consequences to our health. Expressed in simple terms - there is no magic pill, no high tech surgery to obtain a satisfactory cure of the acid reflux disease or GERD. But a change of lifestyle and eating habits will in most cases lead to the well being of those who have the will power and perseverance to go through with the approach of avoiding hostile foods and drinks and kick the smoking habit.

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[Acid Reflux & Heartburn - Natural Approach]
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